How We
Can Help

One to two physiotherapists will be with you in the pool and you can have assistance if needed to get changed.  Our physiotherapists are specialised in practising hydrotherapy so you can be assured of a professional service. Your condition will be assessed and a personalised exercise programme will be designed to meet your needs.  You do not have to be able to swim to have hydrotherapy as the pool is quite shallow so you can exercise well within your comfortable depth. Exercise in the pool greatly benefits conditions such as arthritis and muscle pain.  It can also be used for rehabilitation after operations such as hip or knee replacements and for musculoskeletal disorders generally.

The water temperature in the pool is maintained between 34-36ºC, which is much warmer than a normal swimming pool.  This helps your muscles to relax and the water supports your weight, which makes it easier to exercise and move. 


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The weightlessness you experience in water decreases pain and reduces stress on the joints.

Hydrotherapy can be used to speed up recovery post operatively.
The water can be used to allow you to complete movements that would be otherwise difficult to complete on dry land. This can help you get back to your normal activities faster.

The warmth helps the muscles to relax and decrease pain and spasms

General sense of wellbeing benefits and help with relaxation

Allows you to exercise with reduced weight through your legs helping you to mobilise independently

Improves circulation and optimises healing

Increase movement and flexibility: The buoyancy produced by the water helps assist or resist movement